Thanks so much to everybody who attended our meeting on Sunday and stayed despite the scheduling confusion. To resolve the problem—and to address the issues of noise and space—the board decided last night to hold our future monthly meetings for 2014 in the Schell Room at the Williamsburg…

Sunday, July 13


Don’t forget our meeting tomorrow at 2:00, upstairs at the Barnes & Noble in Merchants’ Square! The gathering will feature Emma Cross and Alethea White-Previs as speakers, joining forces to enlighten us all on the subject of pickpocketing and shoplifting in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Join us!


I keep getting told that I have a period face.” – JJ Feild [who has appeared in over 20 period films, TV shows, and plays]

I have been told this too, which leads me to the question, why have we never been cast in anything together?  WHY, UNIVERSE??  I NEED AN ANSWER! 

Maybe I have to have a union card first.  And an agent.  And a resume.  These things might help.


It’s this Sunday! Yes, that’s right—the first of our regular monthly meetings will be held on Sunday, June 8, at 2:00 at the Barnes & Noble in Merchant’s Square, Williamsburg.

Don’t miss it, or you will remain in the dark on the subjects of reading in Jane Austen—who reads, and what…


I believed that the dull reality of life is all there is but you’re proof that there’s more…

Magic in the Moonlight (2014) [x]
Oh Woody you’re such an old bounder

Is Colin Firth suddenly getting younger again?  Whoa!


“Salisbury Cathedral from Lower Marsh Close" (detail), 1820, John Constable.


Salisbury Cathedral from Lower Marsh Close" (detail), 1820, John Constable.


These sweet little Book Purses are not made with old books covers, I couldn’t bear the thought of stripping a book of its pages. The cover is made from classic book covers and my own book designs, all printed on cotton fabric and binded, as a normal book would be. It’s finished with golden metal corners to embellish and protect the clutch.

Find these gorgeous Jane Austen purses (and more!) at psBesitos on Etsy!

Will have to look these up!!




The London Life RPG

Come join The London Life RPG (link above)!  It’s the closest you can get to a real Austenland, and just as much fun!

Our May Meeting Approaches!


One week left until our May meeting next Sunday, May 18th! Come to the Croaker Road Library in Toano at 2 p.m. to learn about Jane’s notorious Aunt Leigh-Perrot, who was jailed and tried for stealing lace in 1799.

Plus! an exciting book review by Alethea White-Previs, who will speak about a work with a title even more notorious: “A Bitch in a Bonnet” by Robert Rodi.